Improving The Brand Awareness Of Your Website

Having a strong brand, whether that is an offline presence through physical shops or a strong customer base; or you’re just starting out online, your brand is one of your biggest assets. As a business, you should aim to have your branding synonymous across all channels to ensure that your customers can easily recognise your company.

Some companies such as Coca- Cola, Mcdonalds & IKEA really emphasize their brand across every channel they use. For example, IKEA is easily identifiable from their company colours of blue and yellow. Whereas Coca-Cola utilises their font to easily be distinguished from its competitors.

Knowing how vital the characteristics of your company are, it is important to know how to make sure your branding remains consistent on digital channels.

Using Web Design To Improve Brand Awareness

Many of the characteristics of your business can be very easily transferred to your website such as your logo, fonts & typography and your colour scheme. This means that you can start to plan your website design around key design elements to ensure you remain consistent. Ultimately, the reason our team of website designers match your branding to the rest of your business is to make sure your customer base can easily recognise your products and services.

When developing your online presence, our web developers and SEO technicians concentrate on a few key components to start building out from.

Tone Of Voice

The tone of voice of your on-page content needs to be synonymous with your offline branding. You may have very specific quirks in your writing or even use the brand name in smart ways to showcase your own personality.

This may include slogans or catch phrases that are iconic for your brand. These catchlines, as well as your specific tone of voice are exactly what your existing customers expect from you.

Colour Scheme & Other Brand Integrations

From the colour palette to logos and even significant imagery, your website and other digital channels should be a perfect reflection of your business. This may be adding images to your website of your branded vehicles so that people who recognise them make the connection.
If your business is renowned for a specific type of visual advertising such as a chic, fashionable design for a boutique. You may use vintage fonts to portray an iconic feel. With more modern designs using frosted glass to emphasize their products, neomorphism works perfectly to portray that visually.

A fundamental part of branding, especially with e-commerce websites is the product imagery. Ensuring that you convey the correct level of quality of the product and put your company’s twist on the images, your customers will engage with them much more. This also applies to the hero & featured imagery of your on-site web pages and landing pages.

Developing Trust & Authority With Your Customers

Creating a digital company image that is married up perfectly with your branding will enhance the customer journey from offline channels to online channels. From posters to leaflets & even your physical store, if your customer chooses to continue their journey online, you want to make sure they feel as if they get the same user experience. A well developed SEO strategy can help to ensure that your new website not only matches your company’s image but that it engages your customers to move through your content and convert to a purchase or call to action.

Through developing on-site content our SEO technicians showcase the level of trust and expertise your brand has to search engine crawl bots, thereby aiding you in ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Designing A User Interface (UI)

The user interface (UI) refers to the on- page visuals that a user sees and interacts with. When designing this, the characteristics of your business should be taken into consideration. Many large companies are great at developing a UI that incorporates their illustrations or graphics into the actual navigation and design of their webpages. This can really help users relate and be reminded of your products and branding throughout.

desktop page experience

Gaining New Customers Using Online Channels

One of the most efficient methods of acquiring new customers is through using an omni-channel digital marketing campaign. Using social media advertising alongside Pay-Per Click (PPC) Google Ads to become more visible to new users can significantly enhance your customer base. It’s one thing to be visible and acquire new users on site; however, they must resonate with your brand. Making it crucial to your marketing campaign.

Contact Us For Expert Website Design & Digital Branding In Cardiff

Our in-house teams of web designers, SEO technicians and PPC campaign managers are experts in their fields at ensuring your company is displayed digitally in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we not only match the personality of your company but develop it further to grow in the digital world.

If you are a small to medium-sized business in Cardiff, interested in website design then call us on 029 2236 0135.


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