2022 Page Experience Update – SEO Expectations

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With the new year comes a new update from Google. They began rolling out a major core algorithm change called “The Page Experience Update” on June 16th, 2021.  This update aims to provide a better user experience by prioritising (and essentially ranking higher) pages that provide high-quality page performance, such as quick load times and a non-shifting, stable page. Google has always had some page experience metrics such as mobile friendliness, HTTPS security, and invasive advertising. They have emphasised speedy sites since 2010, but with the 2021 Page Experience upgrade, they are now adding three additional metrics named Core Web Vitals. These are to measure both speed and overall page experience which have a direct effect on SEO technicians, and your site’s google rankings.

What Is The Page Experience Update?

If Google believes your website users will have a poor experience on your pages – it may not rank those pages as highly as they appear now. Those “page experience ranking signals” are currently comprised of four categories.

Core Web Vitals – As mentioned, Core Web Vitals received lots of new upgrades last year that improved the metrics’ fairness and accuracy.

Mobile Friendly – A page must have no mobility usability problems

HTTPS – a page must be hosted over HTTPS to be capable of receiving a good page experience 

No Intrusive Interstitials – a site must not use advertising techniques that are intrusive or interrupting

Most websites have improved their scores as a result of the improvements to the various measures that make up the Core Web Vitals. Google have recently stated that interstitials which restrict users from accessing information when they first arrive on a website are considered undesirable and provide a bad user experience, causing a website to drop pages in the search engines. 

UX Expectations For SEO In 2022

Web Vitals was notable enough on its own, but Google took it to the next level. These new measurements, together with current SEO experience ranking variables, will be used by Google to assist rank pages. Keep in mind that Google evaluates and ranks websites based on an unknown number of variables. Some factors have a significant impact, but the majority have a minor one. When they’re put together, though, they tell the tale of a website.

(Image courtesy of Google)

Content remains king for SEO in 2022, with the performance and perceived experience users have now coming into play. With these metrics, Google has found a way to get a lot of insights that look into a website’s SEO performance from all angles.

Why Is The Update Important For SEO?

When it comes to SEO, many ranking factors are cloaked in mystery. While it is obvious that links are vital to SEO rankings, we will never know which links specifically can cause a vast improvement in rankings. The page experience signals are different in the sense that Google is entirely transparent and open about these ranking factors, and even provides useful tips for improving scores!

Along with the update comes new tools for enhancing and monitoring your websites page experience score. In fact, Google went all out to get every website owner to adapt to page experience changes. New or updated tools help you get the insights you need. What’s more, even a lot of SEO tools such as content king, Semrush and Ryte now come with core web vital insights, giving you the best possible chance to improve your SEO performance.

Desktop Page Experience

This update was originally brought in to benefit mobile users, as Google firmly believes in a mobile first generation. However, there is still a big proportion of Google users who prefer a desktop experience. To accommodate this, Google will begin rolling out the page experience ranking update to desktop search results starting in February 2022.

The desktop update will include all of the current mobile ranking signals stated above, except for the mobile friendly aspect. Google itself has stated to not expect drastic changes with this rollout.

“While this update is designed to highlight pages that offer great user experiences, page experience remains one of many factors our systems take into account… Given this, sites generally should not expect drastic changes.”

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Page Experience Update For SEO

At Search4Local, we believe that this page experience update will not be a significant one, where the altercations are permanent, but where rankings are effected for SEO. Those sites not optimising for the mobile and desktop update may drop in the search engine result pages, however they will not be penalised heavily. This is more for improving user experience on a website, which benefits the business owner and Google itself.

Contact us for more information on how the page experience might effect your websites SEO in 2022.


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