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PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising & Paid Advertising Strategies

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising gives businesses the ability to quickly & effectively produce sponsored ads to appear at the very top of paid results. This is a great option for users looking to promote a special offer, new product, or would like more enquiries. Conversion rate for sponsored ads tends to be quite high and the paid for traffic can benefit organic ranking.

PPC advertising strategies are easily adaptable for the majority of businesses. Search4Local create campaigns to target specific keywords, longtail expressions and related semantics in your desired location.

We keep a close eye on all campaigns and complete monthly reports showing all key performance indicators. Including number of clicks received, impressions, click through rate, top adverts & top keywords. The longer an ad is live the further we can optimise and improve the overall performance.

Search4Local offer a low cost management fee and exercise continuous campaign management with regular improvements to further improve the campaigns.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Why Choose a Google Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign?

When properly managed PPC campaigns offer a successful and low-cost digital advertising solution. This is especially relevant for businesses looking to really stretch their budget and find new customers.

Google ads campaigns can improve organic SERPs. The increase in traffic and users tells Google that the URL / page (if indexed and not a separate specialist landing page) is relevant to the searches which bring up the advert. Users and time on site are both major ranking factors for organic SERPs.

Work With An Approved Google Partner

If you think Google Ads management and a PPC strategy would be suitable for your business, choose to work with an approved partner like us. The benefits of an approved partner like Search4Local are continuous.

Partner status was awarded to us after we completed several exams and managed several different types of ads. Including video ads, display, shopping, mobile and search ads.

As an approved partner we see it as our duty to stay up to date with changes and trends in the world of pay per click and ads management. We also benefit from working in direct partnership with Google, we communicate frequently which gives us the opportunity to ask questions about our clients campaigns. An invaluable line of communication.

Continuous Campaign Management

We closely monitor and analyse our clients campaigns frequently to help maximise an adverts performance. This amongst the top benefit of working with Search4Local. We have our own in house team of paid advertising specialists, ensuring your ads receive the latest tips, tricks and perform as well as budget allows.  

Negative Keyword Removal

To improve the overall quality score of your sponsored ads we closely monitor, cross reference, audit and remove negative keywords. Negative keywords are expressions that display your advert when not intending to, potentially a brand name conflict or when a keyword definitions. For example, cups could be used for both sportswear and dining equipment.

Expert PPC campaign managers for local businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality score is an awarded rating which considers both relevance and quality of both keywords and PPC ads. The cost per click is also considered along with click through rate, relevance of keywords in a single ad group, landing page quality, ad text relevance and your historical account performance.

We use a range of third-party tools to determine the best keywords for your PPC campaign. Including Ubersuggest, Keyword Surfer & Keywords Everywhere. We look for the most relevant keywords, longtail expressions and semantics.

Remarketing through PPC is targeting users who have previously interacted with your website. Paid remarketing allows to methodically position adverts to an audience for related terms. Improving brand, product or service awareness.

PPC Management Services Cardiff

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