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SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on increasing your website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs). This digital advertising technique is tailored specifically for your website, so whether you sell products on an e-commerce platform or wish to showcase your services. SEO starts with the web design process and works continuously to improve the overall optimisation of your website.

Search engine optimisation strategies are developed upon high quality, relevant keyword & geo specific copywriting, link building, domain authority, user experience & trust. Search4Local offers a methodical and strategic approach to SEO, creating bespoke digital marketing strategies for small to medium sized businesses throughout Cardiff and South Wales.

We specialise in local SEO. Offering our services to businesses who wish to break into or improve upon their place in the SERPs, rank in the map pack or appear for a greater number of keyword specific search terms. We develop and create fully optimised on-page and off- page content that integrates seamlessly with our website designers to produce a fully optimised and modern website that complements your business’s branding completely.

Search4Local is a full service digital marketing agency with an in-house team of highly skilled and adaptable SEO technicians. We work with businesses of all sizes and offer a variety of packages depending on your area and ambitions. We create all of our clients SEO strategy plans from scratch. To do this we complete a variety of technical site audits to find areas needing improvement. This could be anything from keyword specific SEO copywriting, backlinks and link building.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Keyword Research & Targeting

Targeting the right keywords related to your business and services is of the utmost importance. Keyword research enables us to discover how potential customers are using search engines to find the products and services you offer. Think of it as using search engines in reverse.

We use sophisticated software to find keywords, long-tail keywords & related semantic expressions. These keywords help build the foundation and roots of a strategy.

All of our search engine optimisation strategies use on-page and off-page techniques. Resulting in well rounded & highly effective digital marketing campaigns. Serving to increase the size of your digital footprint, SERPs and brand awareness. On-page refers to works completed on-site, off-page is more to do with link building, directories, social networking, forums and outreach campaigns.

SEO For E-Commerce Websites

Search engine optimisation is vital for e-commerce websites to be found by a more target customer base on Google. A structured and methodical SEO strategy can significantly improve your online shops digital presence whilst enhancing your brand awareness to new and existing customers.

Targeting specific keywords related to your products and the local area in which you operate can drastically improve your customer acquisition whilst. Other elements of SEO are important for improving the expertise, domain authority and trustworthiness of your site to both search engine crawl bots and users.

This is why our SEO services include improving your online shop’s security through the use of upgraded SSL certificates and ensuring continuous maintenance of secure payment gateways. Building trust and reliability between your brand and your users is vital to creating a great user experience for potential customers.

From ensuring your e-commerce website is optimised for mobile devices to monitoring and implementing customer reviews and on-site navigation all improves the useability and overall customer experience. Our SEO technicians & e-commerce website developers ensure that your online shop is set up and designed with SEO at the forefront of digital customer acquisition through SERPs.

Integrating SEO Into PPC & Display Advertising

Our pay per click and social media display advert services are combined with our comprehensive SEO strategies to create omnichannel advertising strategies to give your website the best possible chance of customer acquisition through multiple digital channels.

Using keyword research, your brand goals and our expertise, our SEO technicians and skilled ad campaign managers work closely together to ensure that your advertising campaigns all work towards the same brand message and direct people to your website. PPC campaigns can help improve organic rankings when expertly combined with our SEO strategies.

Whether you are looking to create landing pages for promotional offers or trying to break into a new local area, our multi-channel advertising strategy is perfect for trying to target the correct demographics to maximise your product selling conversions.

Website Audits

We frequently complete site audits to examine website health, user experience, mobile friendliness & site speed. Most frequently we check the following:

  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URL Structure
  • Orphan Pages
  • 404 Pages
  • Soft 404 Pages
  • 301 Redirects
  • Broken Links
  • Backlinks
  • Domain Authority
  • Domain Age
  • Social Media Links
  • Off Page Links
  • Goals & Conversions
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Robot .txt Files
  • Canonicalisation
Professional SEO services for local Cardiff businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many contributing factors that help improve a websites appeal and ranking factor to bots and search engine algorithms. Keyword specific content, speed, links, user experience, user journey, site health, domain age, structured data and mobile friendly / accessibility all combine to help your site rank.

We closely monitor Google analytics, search console & complete searches in incognito tabs for organic ranking to measure the success of our SEO strategy.

If Google bots cannot crawl a website because it’s slow, or notice site security is bad and domain response time is slow, it can lead to your site appearing lower in the SERPs. Search4Local offer HTTPS SSL hosting as standard. A fast, secure and encrypted hosting.

Professional Strategies At Competitive Prices

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