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Website design today is the practice of building websites that perform perfectly on all types of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Today’s web developer has to include expected content (copy, images, videos, testimonials, brochures) to ensure a great mobile UX & a website design that allows for quick load times on mobile devices and WiFi.

For the majority of businesses their website is the heart of their digital marketing campaign. This means that websites need to encourage as higher percentage of users to convert into leads and customers as possible. Web design goes beyond design and function. It encourages a user journey that builds on trust, closes doors and answers questions.

Today’s sites have in built ranking factors, which encourages bots to index sitemaps and leave room to improve and build upon as web trends evolve. Search4Local design and build our websites using WordPress, one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS).

If you are looking for a website of an exceptionally high standard with the ability to grow alongside your business, and attract a new base of customers by enhancing your brand awareness, choose Search4Local.

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Expert Web Development

A leading benefit to choosing Search4Local to design and develop your site is that we are a full service digital marketing agency with Google partner certification. Our team consists of SEO technicians and copywriters, meaning we can deliver a website that has ranking factors built in. All of our sites are designed to be completely bespoke and to your exact specifications. We utilise the latest website design trends to create the very best user interface making your new website engaging and appealing to your target customer audience.

SSL Certificates & Website Secure Design

Today’s web users are all too familiar with the importance of cyber security. Online data breaches and hacking has become such a problem that algorithms give priority ranking to sites that use a combination of HTTPS and have an SSL certificate. Search4Local offer the most secure hosting packages as standard. Protecting you and your customers.

HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. This hosting boasts data security over the network, most commonly public ones. SSL is short for secure socket layer. Essentially this encrypts the data of the user which protects their identity. As well as choosing hosting which puts security first, we install a number of plugins and security factors in the structure of our sites to maximise safety.

Designed For The Mobile First Generation

The majority of searches, especially local searches, are completed on mobile, smartphone and tablet devices. We are now well and truly in the mobile first generation, with the majority of users choosing to access the internet on their phones.

For this reason, we build all our websites to be fully responsive on smartphones. Ensuring your customers can enjoy using your site on all devices. Mobile users mainly access websites using 4G and 5G which is why we design websites with mobile UX as a priority. This includes ensuring the fundamental principles of mobile UX web design are built to work perfectly for smartphone users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, digital marketing is designed to push traffic to your website and convert the user into a customer. For this reason, a site that informs, caters for and promotes the user to make contact or purchase is very important in the world of digital marketing.

We work in a team alongside our customers to deliver sites that businesses are proud of, and customers enjoy using. For us, understanding exactly what our clients want through meetings and creating page templates is very important. Our websites are designed to evolve over time, becoming a powerful centre for online customers.

Search4Local offer effective E-commerce solutions for businesses who sell physical products and services online. E-commerce websites are highly adaptable and can easily work alongside an SEO campaign.

Website Design Quotes & Further Details

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have on our web design and provide you with a no obligation quote. Please call us on 029 2236 0135 for further details.